Kidz Bop Live at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

Kidz Bop Live Tickets

Freedom Mortgage Pavilion | Camden, New Jersey

Kidz Bop Live

Are you ready to get bopping to the family-friendly tunes of Kidz Bop? Well, if you are looking forward to spending the night dancing and singing along to their catchy songs, you are in the right place because we have tickets for you to see them live this July 13. Your Saturday night will be filled with excitement and fun as Aleah, Shila, JJ, and Tyler bring the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion down with incredible performances of songs from their latest 2024 album. Sing and dance along to “Cruel Summer,” “Dance Monkey,” “Point The Town Red,” “Vampire,” “Used To Be Young,” and many others. There is no stopping the Kidz Bop kids from taking over the famous Camden, New Jersey, venue. So be sure to get your tickets early because they will likely sell out soon. Attend the best pop concert ever for kids (and parents, too) to create memories that will last forever! Click the “Get Tickets” link to start your purchase.

The #1 kid’s pop music avenue is on a mission to bring the music near you. Family-friendly and talent-wise, this group has got it all for everyone. Performing for all generations in the past decade, this group is catered to the preteens who are ready to take on the world in a fiery spirit that will match the beat of their hearts. Everyone’s got music to jam on to, but these kids are all-in to gather peers from all corners of the world to enjoy and sing along with a rhythm that will for sure shake the stadiums! From the group that brought you Olivia Holt, Becky G, and Zendaya, make sure to keep up with the latest and more!

Kidz Bop is happy to announce their “Kidz Bop Live 2024 Tour” that will rock this summer. With many exciting dates and news, the group is positive about bringing color and entertainment into its hands. Last year’s event was a resounding success, and the kids are just getting warmed up in a blaze of fun and an impressive showcase of talent. Fans just couldn’t get enough, so they’re back early this year to give the crowd exactly what they want. Releasing their new album “Kidz Bop 2024,” they’re sure to rock the charts once again, sweeping the hearts of family-fun music lovers.

Their songs are a delight, and the dancing is infectious! Partnered with Live Nation and sponsored by Spin Master’s new fantasy-adventure children’s series, Unicorn Academy, bring your family for a night of magic and endless entertainment. With the company’s unwavering success and with each banger album released, they’re expanding to new heights each year! Returning by popular demand to Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and more this summer, keep an eye out for more dates and venues!

Sing and dance along with the Kidz Bop kids Aleah, JJ, Shila, and Tyler to deliver chart-topping songs and world-class dance performances. The much-awaited tour will be stopping by at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion on July 13. Bring your family and friends for a Saturday well spent in an unforgettable night of endless fun and magic. Mark the date and buy your tickets now!

Kidz Bop Live at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

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