The Freedom Mortgage Pavilion (formerly called Waterfront Music Pavilion) sits at the heart of the Camden, New Jersey and is perfectly located by the banks of the Delaware river.

This beautiful all year round venue location attracts thousands of people, boasting a 25,000 seat capacity, the sounds of centers performances can be heard throughout the city. In the summer, the outdoor areas are perfect places to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite music performances. What better way to do it looking out over the Philadelphia sunsets making this by far the most unique music venue in New jersey.

A great venue the beautiful Philadelphia skyline, a large lawn for seating those big summer crowds, technological enhancements including large HD screens and top of the range audio enhancing equipment. Another impressive feature of the BB&T Pavilion is fully enclosed climate-controlled theatre, allowing access to winter performances and concerts.

Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

Opening in 1995 The Freedom Mortgage Pavilion was originally named the Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre (or E-Centre) and then In 2001, the amphitheater was renamed the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront. The Freedom Mortgage Pavilion hosts a variety of eclectic music genres including: Rock, country, pop all year round to suit the hoards of music fans.

For a list of rules and further info on the venue please see Freedom Mortgage Pavilion Rules.