Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tickets

Freedom Mortgage Pavilion | Camden, New Jersey

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Come springtime, rock and roll legend Neil Young reunites with his longtime backup band, Crazy Horse, for a monster outing! The Love Earth Tour, named after Young’s latest single, brings their highly acclaimed live performances across major cities! Are you ready to rock along to countless classic rock hits and newly released staples?! If so, you’re in for an excellent spring season! Neil Young and Crazy Horse will drop by Camden, New Jersey, to deliver an outstanding rager at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion! Get ready for some remarkable songs, such as “Heart of Gold,” “Journey Through the Past,” “Blue Bird,” and many more on Sunday, 12th May 2024! Aside from his solo works, Neil Young has also been known to perform iconic hits from his legendary band Buffalo Springfield and supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young! If you’re keen on experiencing the music of the rock legends this spring, you better hurry and score your tickets now!

Can you just imagine hearing multiple hits from three different bands in one single night? Well, this is what awaits when you come and check out the rock legend Neil Young. The illustrious two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is set to perform another massive outing – this time, he’s bringing in his longtime band Crazy Horse, a Los Angeles-based outfit whom Young has been working with since the late ‘60s! This 2024, fans can look forward to a fully-packed setlist ranging from staples from Young’s solo works, massive hits from his legendary rock band, Buffalo Springfield, as well as fan favorites from his projects with supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Yes, seeing a Neil Young show will definitely reap some great live performances of the classics, and you can catch it at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey!

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have been collaborating for over five decades. They released their first album together, titled Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, in 1969. The album made an immediate breakthrough in the Canadian and U.S. charts. It was also Young’s first entry into the Billboard charts after departing Buffalo Springs. After this phenomenal collaboration, it would take the two highly acclaimed acts several years before releasing another album together. In 1975, they dropped their second album together. Zuma, which performed phenomenally on the international and US charts, features numerous highly acclaimed singles, including “Danger Bird” and “Cortez the Killer.” All in all, Young has released 15 studio albums with Crazy Horse, including their latest effort, World Record. The 2022 album features the new single, “Love Earth,” which Young wrote as an homage to the Earth.

Expect nonstop hits as Neil Young and Crazy Horse deliver their latest stand-up set at the Freedom Mortage Pavilion. This evening is guaranteed to lift your spirits and put you in a great mood. Fans can definitely look forward to superb musicianship, outstanding vocals, and high-energy production. It will surely be an adrenaline-filled evening that will have you rocking out like it’s 1975!

Hurry and secure your tickets to catch Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion on Sunday 12th May 2024! Tickets are now up for grabs through the Get Tickets link!

Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

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